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Your most frequently asked questions

Cumulus credit card application

Apply for a Cumulus credit card

Where can I apply for the new Cumulus credit card?
The following link allows you to apply for the Cumulus credit card in just a few minutes and use it immediately after successful verification. Apply now

Can I have a Visa Free and a Cumulus credit card?
Yes, in principle you can have both credit cards at the same time. 

Do you need a Migros Bank bank account in order to use the Cumulus credit card?
No, you can also use the Cumulus credit card without having a Migros Bank bank account.

What does "exclusively beneficial owner" mean?
Exclusively beneficial owner means that the funds used to pay the bill must belong solely to the beneficial owner. If these funds are held in a joint account, neither of the account holders is the sole beneficial owner.

My credit card application was rejected. What could be the reasons for this?
As a credit card issuer, we check whether our issuing criteria and the legal requirements are observed. Unfortunately, your application does not satisfy all the requirements. Grounds for refusal can include:

  • The applicant is not the sole economic beneficiary
  • The findings of enquiries at information centres (e.g. ZEK, IKO, authorities) do not meet our submission guidelines

Apply for an additional card

Where can I apply for the additional card?
After a successful review of your primary card application, you can apply for up to 3 additional cards – for additional members of your household – at any time and free of charge. Please note that you need the card account number starting with 1107 for this. You will find your card account number on the top right of the paper invoice or in the one app under invoices and also in the Card > Card Details tab. Apply now

Who can apply for the additional card?
You can apply for additional cards for adults in your household who have the same residential address. The primary cardholder may not apply for an additional card for themselves.

How many additional cards are free of charge?
You can apply for up to 3 additional cards free of charge. Please note that additional cards are only possible for people who live in the same household as you.

Why is an additional card worthwhile?
Besides your primary card, you can apply for up to 3 additional cards for other adults in your household free of charge. Your primary card and the additional cards are linked through your credit card account. You receive an overview of all expenditures in your monthly statement. The points collected with the additional cards are credited to the primary card Cumulus account.

What documents and information do I need to apply for the additional card?
To apply for an additional card, all you need is the ID or passport (digitally as a scan or photo) of the additional cardholder. If the additional cardholder is not a Swiss national, we also need this person’s residence permit.

What are the requirements for an additional card?

- Same residential address and household as the primary cardholder
- Swiss nationality or residence permit B, C, Ci or L
- Minimum age: 18 years
- The beneficial ownership lies exclusively with the primary cardholder, i.e. the money used to settle the credit card invoice and/or deposited on the credit card account belongs exclusively to the primary cardholder.

Can I have a self-settlement account for the additional card?
No, additional cards are always charged to the same card account as the primary card.

How is the additional card invoiced?
Transactions made with the additional card are charged to your card account. This allows you to keep track of things.

Where can I find my card account number?
You can find your card account number either on an invoice or in the one app under card details. 

Switch to Migros Bank

What happens to my current Cumulus Mastercard?
The services of your existing Cumulus Mastercard remain valid until the expiry date of the card. After that, the credit card expires automatically and you can no longer collect Cumulus points with the Cumulus Mastercard (you will find the expiry date on the card). If you no longer need the card, you can cancel it with the credit card issuer.

Is my previous Cumulus Mastercard automatically invalidated, or do I have to do something if I no longer need it?
If you no longer need the card, you can cancel it with the credit card issuer. Your Cumulus Mastercard otherwise remains valid and expires automatically after the expiry date.

Why switch to Migros Bank?
5 reasons why you benefit even more from the Cumulus credit card.

What happens to the outstanding balance on the current Cumulus Mastercard?
You will be charged the outstanding balance on the current Cumulus Mastercard. To settle this invoice, please contact the issuer of the current Cumulus Mastercard.

Why do I need to reapply for the Cumulus credit card? Why can't the data of the current Cumulus-Mastercard be used and transferred?
The business relationship between the client and the issuer of the current Cumulus-Mastercard is subject to banking secrecy. For this reason, data may not be transferred.

What is my application status

I have been notified in the one app that my documents are being checked. However, nothing more is happening now.

From Monday to Saturday from 7am – 10pm, it can take up to 15 minutes to check the application. If the check lasts more than 30 minutes, please apply for the card using the online form.


Correction of information on application

I accidentally entered the wrong details. Can this be adjusted afterwards?
Please send us the corrected details – signed in person. Please use the following address: Migros Bank AG, LOSICU_D, PO Box, 8010 Zurich. If you have submitted the application on the desktop via the website, you can mark the changes manually on the physical application as soon as you receive it from us.

Change of correspondence language

How can the correspondence language be changed?
The correspondence language is selected in the card application. The language can be changed at any time by phone, e-mail or written letter. To carry out the change request and for the purpose of clear customer identification, the following information is required: name, address, date of birth and your signature. If you are using e-mail, please scan the written request and send it as an e-mail attachment.

Technical fault

I did not receive an e-mail confirmation after completing the application.
Please check your spam folder and wait at least 24 hours. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation during this time, please complete the application again.

Cumulus credit card services

Services and prices

Where can I find an overview of the Cumulus credit card services and prices?
You can download an overview of the Cumulus credit card services and prices here.

What exchange rate does Migros Bank use to convert foreign currencies?
The exchange rates used are determined by Migros Bank and fixed once a day at the same time. When determining the exchange rate, Migros Bank AG is guided by standard market sources. The set exchange rate for transactions in a foreign currency is more advantageous for customers than the bank note rate used when converting cash into a foreign currency.


Cumulus points

Where do I collect Cumulus points with my Cumulus credit card?
You can collect Cumulus points when you pay at Migros and Cumulus partners but also whenever you use the Cumulus credit card elsewhere. Please click here for more information.

Mobile payment

How do I activate the mobile payment function on my smartphone?
To pay with your smartphone or smartwatch, you must first register for one digital service. You will receive the registration code in a separate mailing. The mobile payment in the app cannot be activated before that.

The Cumulus credit card supports all popular e-wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google PayTM, Garmin PayTM, Fitbit Pay and SwatchPAY! Please click here for more information.


Preferred design rejected

The image on my MyPicture card was rejected. Why?
The rejection of card designs is automated. Common reasons are: writing in the background, recognisable brands or brand names, image comes from the Internet (e.g. from social media accounts). Images that can be found online are also rejected, even if you uploaded them. Alternatively, you can also apply for a card with a standard design at the start. You can then change the design at a later point in time in your one app under «Card» > «Card details». This function will be available from the end of May 2023. The fee per change is CHF 20

Changing the card image

 How can I change my preferred image on my MyPicture card?
From the end of May 2023, you can change your card design in the one app under «Card» > «Card details» and receive a new card. The fee per change is CHF 20.

Personal details

Change of address and name

How can I change my address?
In order to change your address, we need your signature for security reasons. Please send us your signed change of address by post. You will find our change of address form here.

I want to change the name on the credit card. How do I do this?
Please inform us immediately of the name change. You will find the relevant form here. After we receive and review the documents, we will send you the new card issued in your new name by post.

Invoice and transaction

Payment method

How do I register for the instalment option?
Registration for the instalment option is free of charge and is not activated until a positive confirmation of creditworthiness check and a credit agreement signed by you and Migros Bank have been received. You automatically receive the credit agreement after the successful creditworthiness check, which you must sign and return.

I have received an agreement about the instalment option. What should I do if I don't want to use the instalment option?
You can regard the credit agreement received from us as invalid. This means the entire invoice amount is due monthly.

How do I activate the LSV+ (direct debit) payment method and where can I find the relevant form?
LSV+ is an automatic payment order offered by the banks. You can authorise your principal bank to automatically debit your account with the settlement amount. This means that you don't have to worry about payments. You simply check our monthly credit card invoice and compare it with the amount debited from your account. After you have received your card, you can download the form here to activate LSV+. After downloading, you may return the completed and signed form to your principal bank. As soon as you have received the form back from your bank, please send it to Migros Bank AG, LOSICU_D, P.O. Box, 8010 Zurich. Once we have received the request, we will change your payment method.

How do I proceed to register for eBill?
With eBill, you receive your invoices directly in your e-banking, where you can also pay them immediately. You have to activate this option at your bank. There is no need to deactivate the paperless monthly statement in the one app. This happens automatically. You will find additional information here.

Who issues the eBill invoice for the Cumulus credit card?
Viseca Payment Services SA is the invoicing party for the Cumulus credit card.

How can I avoid fees for the paper statement?
To avoid paying the postage fee for paper statements, register for free in the one app and deactivate the paper statement option under «Statements» > «Statement settings». To ensure you don’t miss a statement in the future, you can activate email notification and/or push notification upon receipt of a statement. You can open and download statements as a PDF file in your one app.



Where can I find pay in slips or account details to make a payment to my credit card?
Use QR-bill to make a payment. Access the QR bill generator here. You will need your card account number to generate a QR bill.


Changing limits

How can I increase/lower the limits?
If required, you can request a temporary or permanent adjustment of the limit. For this purpose, please contact: +41 58 234 50 50. We will be happy to then review your request. Please note that a corresponding request can only be made using the aforementioned telephone number.

Cumulus credit card signature

Do I have to sign the Cumulus credit card?
You do not need to sign your new Cumulus credit card. It uses the highest security standards and you pay securely and conveniently by entering your PIN. 

3-D Secure

What is 3-D Secure?
3-D Secure is an internationally recognised security standard for online card payments that online shops can offer voluntarily. If the purchase requires 3-D Secure, you can easily check and confirm your online purchase via the one app. You must be registered with one to use your Cumulus credit card online without restrictions. The previous method using the passport will no longer be accepted in future.

PIN code

Where can I find my PIN code?
You can look up your PIN code in the one app or order it by phone on the following number: +41 58 234 50 50.

Card blocking

My card was blocked. Who do I report to?
If you have temporarily blocked the card yourself in the one app, you can also unblock it again there. Otherwise, please contact: +41 58 234 50 50.


How can I complain about an unjustified charge?
If you cannot resolve it directly with the affiliated partner, you must submit an unjustified charge in writing within 30 days of the invoice date together with all associated documentation (e-mails, letters, information about telephone contacts, receipts, etc.). You will find our complaints form here.

Insurance companies

Insurance benefits

What insurance benefits does the Cumulus credit card offer?

  • Travel interruption insurance up to CHF 4,000
  • Search and rescue costs up to CHF 60,000
  • Assistance in case of emergency
  • Purchase and transport insurance up to CHF 2,000
  • Best price guarantee up to CHF 2,000
  • Online account protection up to CHF 10,000
  • Online legal protection up to CHF 10,000

You will find more information about the insurances offered here.

Insurance terms

Where can I find the Conditions of Insurance?
You can find the provisions and Conditions of Insurance for the Cumulus credit card here.

Contact form

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